Teddy Helps Us Make Snowmen Pictures

1R first graders made snowmen using cray-pas and collage techniques.  He even helped us clean up afterwards!  In this part of the world (Brookline, Massachusetts, USA), we usually have snow at this time of year.  This year has been different.  We have only had one snowstorm so far, and all of that snow has already melted.  Teddy is wondering if he will get to see more snow when he travels to Norway soon.

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Teddy Loves Science

Teddy loved learning about plants and insects in first grade.  We planted broad bean seeds and watched them grow.  We then introduced aphids who quickly ate the plants.  Lastly, we had ladybugs eat the aphids to try to save the plants.  Through it all, Teddy had a front row seat!  He loved learning all about the world around him and was very curious about our investigations.

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Lunch Time for Teddy

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The boys and girls eat lunch in our school cafeteria with all of the other first graders and third graders.  There are five sections of first grade and five of third, so there are a lot of students eating together!  Every day, students can bring lunch from home or buy a hot lunch.  Teddy really enjoyed seeing all of the different foods that the children ate.  From sandwiches to pasta to dumplings, the boys and girls loved sharing their lunches with Teddy!

Teddy Plays on the Playground

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In the United States, most first grade students get to play outside once or twice a day.  At our school, we have a playground and a field where students can play American football, soccer, or baseball.  On the playground, we have slides, monkey bars, and climbing structures.  1R students go outside to play before we go to lunch every day.  Teddy loved joining in on the fun!

Teddy Arrives in Brookline, Massachusetts, USA

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We were so excited to welcome Teddy to our classroom in Brookline, MA, USA!  The first graders loved seeing all of his treasures…his baseball cap, beautiful coat, school supplies, and even socks came with him from across the globe.  We have been tracking our new friend for the past couple of months, so were thrilled that he arrived safely to spend December with us!