Ms. Naketa’s post on Tuesday, February 11, 2014

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  1. Hi Ms. Naketa’s Class,

    Dominic is wondering, “why did you go to the beach?”
    Anjali says, “the beach looks beautiful!”
    Kiichi is asking, “what did Teddy do at the beach?”
    Iris is wondering, “did Teddy enjoy playing with you guys?”
    Brendon says, “I hope Teddy is getting good sleep!”

    We hope you are having a good time Teddy!


    Ms. A’s Class

    • Hello Ms. A’s class. Thank you for asking those questions.

      “why did you go to the beach?”
      We went for a swim – said Faisal and Ahmad
      Because we can see some sea animals – Lulwa (we saw a jellyfish and starfish)
      We also went to the beach this week because it gets very very hot here in Saudi Arabia so now is a good time to go.

      “what did Teddy do at the beach?”
      “He watched us” said Lulwa

  2. Hi Ms. Naketa and class!

    Wow, Teddy looks like he’s having a great time at the beach! We’re going to have to keep him warm over here in the United States! We have lots of snow! Brrrr!

    Talk soon,
    Ms. McClelland and class

  3. Ms McClelland we are wondering if children in your class have seen the movie FROZEN. Lulwa thinks you can sing “Do you want to build a snowman?” to Teddy.

    Ms. Naketa and class

  4. Hi friends!
    Yes, we did see the movie Frozen and we loved it! Singing the song to Teddy sounds like a wonderful idea! Tell Teddy we’re looking forward to his visit! We are off from school this week for winter vacation. We’ll be back on Monday!

    Ms. McClelland and class

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