Cameron’s First Visit – 1O Class at AISG!

Ms. Olson’s first grade class was disappointed that Buddy was held up in the mail, but excited to get a visit from his cousin! Imagine our surprise when we opened the box and found…

Cameron loved China. He especially loved looking out the window at the city scape – can you see the Canton tower through the fog? Cameron is a nature lover and was excited to see that our class is learning about how we share the planet with plants. He especially loved checking in on the growing ginger.

His favorite food was dumplings – with lots of hot sauce!

The highlight of Cameron’s trip was when he came to sports day with our class. He rode the bus, participated in events, got lost for a short time, and even competed in the running of the rams!


We are all sad to say goodbye to Cameron. We will be packing him up to send off tomorrow morning.

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