Teddy in Slovenia

Teddy arrived in Slovenia just after the Easter holidays. After meeting with the class, he showed us where he had been. And then he found a new friend. Our own travelling bear, Berto. He is visiting the kids from the class with his backpack, filled with books. So, you can imagine that we planned a very cultural experience for Teddy.

In honour of International book day, we invited two of Slovenian book illustrators. They showed us some of their work and sing all the books with their illustrations in school library. But for Teddy and the kids that wasn’t the end of book adventures. In the evening, we held Book night event in the school library. We listened to poems and parts of fairy tales, looked for the smallest and the biggest book in the library, we remembered some of old Slovenian tales and end the evening with a movie. And yes, we slept at school. That was an interesting night.

For our next cultural experience, we became architects. Since Slovenia is full of woods, we were working with wood. We were making a hayrack, which is typical Slovenian country architecture.

Next cultural shock came with the school theatrical festival. Each year all the classes prepare a theatrical number for the festival. Our class performed a pantomimical adaptation of classic fairy tale, Andersen’s Emperor’s new clothes. All the kids and Teddy were having fun!!!

After such an intense cultural few days we started national holidays. Teddy was invited to explore Slovenia’s beauty with some other Slovenian bears. Bear Lovro, the explorer gave Teddy a very illustrative map of Slovenia, so he can remember our country.

Last few days Teddy spent with the class, working with the kids through mathematics and science.

We were very happy that Teddy came to visit us!


We wish Teddy more travels and new adventures with kids.

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