Max’s visit to Werribee Park Mansion

We have been learning about the past and how things have change over time.  We went on an excursion (field trip) to a historical place called Werribee Park Mansion.  The Mansion was built about 140 years ago.  In the mansion Max found out about how people lived 140 years ago.
Did you know that:

  • the lights in the mansion worked with gas instead of electricity
  • women didn’t have baths they washed with a cloth in a bowl of water
  • they used fire wood and a copper pot to boil hot water for the laundry
  • children only saw their parents for a half an hour of the day and spend most of their time with their governess (nanny)

Here are some photos of Max in and around the Mansion.

This  is Max walking on the Path to the Mansion and here he has his surprised look on his face when he first saw the Mansion.

Max looked into all of the rooms.  His favourite room was the children’s play room.


He was so tired at the end of the day. Time to go home.



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