Jessie’s Days at 1D ISU

Hello Dearest Friends,

Warmest greetings from ISU, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Just got my new Mongolian deel to add to my collection of clothes. I also met Mongolian Flat Stanley. Last week, I sang and danced with grade 1D during their Primary Summer concert performance. That was fun. This week, I continue to work with my new friends on their inquiry into the importance of imagination, how to use imagination and how to express imagination. We have been reading books like Ish, Sky Color, The Dot, It Looked Like Spilt Milk, Magritte’s Imagination, and lots more. Grade 1D worked on their writing during the writer’s workshop: self-editing, revising, peer and teacher conferencing, and publishing. They will be sharing their work later this week. I also helped them write a diamante poem. We used lots of nouns, adjectives and verbs. The children also composed a message that is now a QR code. The message is in my red bag.

On June 1, Mongolia is celebrating Children’s Day. I will be roaming around the city, visiting festivals and park rides. I may just try a rollercoaster ride! Scary!

Here are a few photos for you. More updates later. Bye for now.

Hugs from me,

Jessie the Traveling Teddy Bear

With Mongolian Flat Stanley. I am wearing my new Mongolian deel.





Jethro and I working on his diamante poem

Jessie travels around Ulaanbaatar

Lindsay and I. Here we show the Mongolian flag.

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