More Activities with 1D ISU Mongolia

Hello dearest Friends,

We were so busy the last few days, as you can see on our photos. We had visits from Spherobot, Olliebot and the Beebots, courtesy of Ms Marion, who taught us how to program the bots. That was a lot of fun and STEM learning. My 1D friends continue to work on their Imagination inquiry, making and tinkering. We finally published our stories for writer’s workshop. We are ready to share our work on Friday. Quite a sad day, though, because that will be my last day with grade 1D friends.

On some photos, you will see me staring wide-eyed at amazing artwork. I was lucky to arrive on the day after the ISU Creative Arts Evening, so I was able to accompany my friends on a gallery walk the morning after. Now, please take a look at my selfies and photos I took of my 1D friends at work.

Group hug from Jessie the Traveling Bear

Niranjana as the shopkeeper during a maths game

Liam and Juwon during a shopping game


Liam in his role as shopkeeper during a maths game


I am admiring paper sculptures

That’s Niranjana

Lindsay and me

Juwon with Olliebot

Liam and Alexandre with two Spherobots

Lindsay and Alexandre working on the mini iPad

Lindsay and Jethro express their imagination

Lindsay and her version

Juwon and Jethro feeding me

Jethro and Liam welcoming me on my arrival. I was feeling a little bit jetlagged.

Selfie with Alexandre and Niranjana

Alexandre and Juwon used their imagination to build their Eiffel tower version

Selfie with Juwon during snack time

Liam and his Lego Eiffel tower

Niranjana and Lindsay programming the Beebots

Selfie with Juwon and Spherobot

Alexandre with a glowing Spherobot

Jethro and Liam with Olliebot

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