Teddy Bear Visits The KA Superstars In Taipei, Taiwan

Teddy Bear began his 2017-2018 travels in Taipei, Taiwan, with a class of four and five year old children known as The Superstars. While he was here Teddy Bear got to spend lots of time learning about school life in KA. Then each night went home with a different student to see what family life in Taiwan is like. Teddy bear got to try lots of different activities including swimming, hiking, basketball, bike riding and ice skating. He also learned lots about Taiwan and what people like to eat and do here.

Here is a diary that Teddy kept about each of his overnight adventures with one of The Superstars. We hope this helps you to see what our life in Taiwan is like.

In addition to all of the sleepovers Teddy spent lots of time in our classroom. He tried all of the activities that we do here at school. We made this book to show you some of the things that Teddy got to try out in KA. Teddy learned a lot while he was here, and he had lots of fun playing with us all too. Teddy turned 8 years old last week and we got to make cupcakes to celebrate. Check it out!

Teddy helped to teach us about the Sustainable Development Goal of Gender equality. We read some books based on this topic and had some great conversations about how similar girls and boys are and how it is okay to like and do the same things. Here is a book we made about what we learned.

Next week Teddy is heading off to Nigeria. We can’t wait to see what he gets up to there. Safe travels Teddy! Thanks for a great visit.

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