Buddy says Hello! from ISU, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Hello Dearest Teachers and Children,

Last week, I arrived in Ulaanbaatar City, Mongolia. I am visiting the first graders (grade 1D, 5-7-year-old children) of ISU, an IB World School http://www.isumongolia.edu.mn/page.cfm?p=501. For their first unit of inquiry, they are learning about interaction and how it influences our wellbeing, how to behave when bad interactions are happening, roles and responsibilities during interactions.

For our activities, the children took me along to the library, to read picture books, then we headed off to the cafeteria. While the children were eating lunch, one of the boys gave me some milk to drink. After that, we ran out to the playground and had a good time. Everything was just good interaction!

The children built a teddy bear house for me. I love the decorations, the TV, the computer and the refrigerator. They also provided me with a milk bottle and a soft bed. They also introduced me to new friends like the IB Learner Profile bears, and two other baby teddy bears. I am just sleeping off the weekend. Tomorrow is another busy day for me and the children.

Bye for now, more news later.

The grade 1D classroom is in that orange building. I am sleeping off the weekend. Tomorrow is another busy day.

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