Jerry Bear Explores!

As the KG 1 students at ABA are wrapping up their time with Jerry Bear, we decided to take him for a field trip to a local park. During the summative assessment outing, the students showed Jerry how independent they could be by:

  • carrying their own backpacks and water bottle
  • wearing their hat to keep their skin safe
  • following the teacher’s rules of safety
  • holding a friend’s hand through the car park and off campus
  • getting on and off the bus
  • putting on a seat belt
  • waiting their turn on the playground
  • opening and closing their own snack boxes
  • throwing their garbage in the recycling bin
  • using their manners with their peers and teachers

What super stars 3- and 4-year olds they are!

But as our time quickly winds down, the class is busy reflecting on their favorite activities to do with Jerry as we make a video showing his future classes some different ways they can take care of him when he visits.

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