Jessie Promotes Wellness in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

During the month of October, Jessie was KG2A’s Wellness Ambassador.

She was attending the American International School of Riyadh in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Jessie had a chair in our class and she sat at different tables during snack time watching as our 20 students ate healthy snacks.

Jessie helped students feel better when they were sad, nervous, lonely or anxious by giving them a big hug.

Jessie participated in the walkathon around our campus and students took turns holding her.

Jessie went to a Physical Education class!

Jessie did Cosmic Yoga videos with our students: Star Wars and Moana were our favorite videos.

Jessie played with us on the playground during end of day “Body Breaks”.

Jessie helped us breathe deeply and be mindful during our “Breathing Breaks”.

Jessie was featured in our YouTube video when we made the Elementary School News.

Jessie was shared with 4 other kindergarten classes so that they got to enjoy promoting healthy lifestyles with her. She was well loved and her message was well communicated.

Our students have focused on the Global Goal #3 of Promoting Health and Wellness throughout the month of October and we learned so much!

When Jessie said goodbye to our class on October 26th, there were even some tears…

Jessie, thank you so much for sharing the love, learning, laughter and important message that Health should always be a priority for all the children of the World!

Visit our instagram @aisr.kg2 for more pictures of Jessie!

Check out our twitter account @AISR_KG2 or @TresaMurphy1 for posts about Jessie’s experience in Riyadh.

Saudi Arabia’s flag


Our school’s logo

Link to our class Instagram account

Jessie visits another kindergarten class, Miss Debbee’s KG2E

Jessie approves of our students’ healthy snacks

Snack time with Jessie is fun and healthy!

Jessie on the playground with students

Jessie has her own chair in our class!

Our class: KG2A Awesome Eagles, teacher Miss Tresa and EA Miss Joy.

Jessie was featured on our Twitter account


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