Buddy Joined the ISU International Week, a Mongolian Hair-Cutting Ceremony and Other Fun Moments

Hi Friends,

I am now in the U.S.A., but before I left ISU, Mongolia, I was involved in many activities at school and outside.The children and I celebrated International Week. We also got a chance to interview Mr Elman, the ISU School Director. I was also lucky to witness a Mongolian hair-cutting ceremony, and the day before I left, I went around Ulaanbaatar, and I met adventurers like me. Hope you will like the photos.


Mr Elman, ISU School Director, and I

Ms Oyuna and I sharing Mongolian khushuur, fried dumpling with minced beef and vegetables.

Behind us is a plate of tsuivan, a Mongolian dish of handmade noodles, mutton and vegetables.

Ms Nomin and I

I am wearing an oversized Mongolian hat.

I am helping my grade 1D friends work on their Community unit.

With Mr Henley, our very caring librarian, and my 1D friends

With Ms Nomin again. She is wearing a lovely pearl headdress with silver ornaments.

Buddy during assembly

My new friend drinks milk before his hair-cutting ceremony.

The well-wisher snips a few strands of hair

The hair-cutting ceremony celebrates the passage from babyhood to childhood.

Behind me is a special arrangement of ceremonial cookies and milk curds

That’s a whole sheep – must have a big fatty body.

The cookie layers are in odd numbers.

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