Jerry’s Adventures in Indiana – Part 3

Jerry was lucky enough to be in the USA for our Thanksgiving holiday. Here is a video of one of the 1st grade classes telling the story of Thanksgiving. Their story links to a beaded bracelet that the students are wearing. For future classes having a turn with Jerry: you will see a small version of this bracelet on his arm.

Jerry also had a chance to take part in a Thanksgiving feast with one of our Kindergarten classes. (You will have to look closely to see him sitting at the far end of their paper table.) He is even wearing a little Pilgrim hat to celebrate!

In the USA, there is always a big parade on Thanksgiving. It is held in New York City outside a department store called Macy’s. Therefore, it is called the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. It features marching bands, floats, and giant balloons that are “walked” along the parade route by people holding poles and strings. 1st graders spent some time learning about the tradition of this parade and then they had a chance to create their own balloon and have their own parade throughout our school. It was a STEAM challenge for them to create a balloon that would stay off the ground during their parade route. Here is a picture of Jerry with some of the students and their balloons:

And here is a video of part of the parade:

We SO enjoyed our time with Jerry. He is now on his way to his next destination – Canada. We look forward to following his adventures the rest of this school year!

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