Jerry’s Winter Break

Jerry is feeling well-rested after a 3 week school break and is looking forward to new travels and friends in 2018.

Because school was closed for the holidays, several of the teachers who have children who attend our school offered to host Jerry in their homes to share some of their family traditions and take him out to explore.

Fortunately, our younger students had made Jerry a warm coat which he so appreciated as he explored the snowy mountains on an exhilarating hike.


Jerry was glad he also got to warm up inside while he enjoyed a yummy lunch with friends.

He was invited to a birthday party and met a new bunny friend who was keen to learn more about his travels.  Jerry was an honoured guest at a Scottish themed New Year’s party and was given a special kilt to wear as part of the festivities.  Jerry loves that Canada is a country that also embraces and celebrates so many cultures and traditions.


Jerry is spending this week with our Kindergarten students and will begin getting ready for his next destination early next week.  He will be missed!


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  1. Jerry is having so much fun in Canada. Thank you to his amazing hosts! We can’t wait to hear of his adventures when he gets back to Hong Kong in May.

  2. Wow! Jerry such a lucky bear. We got really excited because two of our classmates are from Canada so we have heard A LOT about how cold it is there.

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