Sign Up

PLEASE READ this checklist before you sign up:

I am able to:

1. Contribute at least one blog post to the Traveling Teddy Site.

2. Create a QR code to send to the next school.

3. Spend up to 60-70 USD on postage (this is an approximate number and really depends on where the next location is)

4. Guarantee the bear I receive will be sent with a TRACKING NUMBER.

5. Do my best to make awesome global connections through the blog and other platforms such as Twitter or Skype!

6. Have a FANTASTIC time participating!

What happens if more than one teacher wants to sign up?

1 Sign up = 1 Bear for approx. 1.5 weeks  (You may share the bear between classes during this time period)

2 Sign ups = 2 Bears for approx. 1.5 weeks EACH (The bears will NOT arrive at the same time)

Please no more than 3 sign ups per school

Sign ups for the 2017-18 S.Y. are CLOSED. Please use this form to sign up for a notification when sign ups open again. Thank you!


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