Meet The Bears

#GlobalEdTed Supports the SDGs



Birthday: September 15, 2009

Teddy is our original traveling teddy! He’s been around the world several times now and can’t get enough. Teddy is the cool kid on the block, the guy everyone wants to be friends with. He enjoys all kinds of sports and loves to learn!

Teddy is supporting Global Goal #5: Gender Equality. He wants everyone to learn that everyone should be treated equally whether you are a boy or a girl.




Max Birthday: August 16, 2016

Max is the youngest teddybear to be a part of the Traveling Teddy group. He has learned a lot from his home country of Bearland and is ready to travel. Max is very sporty and has already tried swimming, baseball and football.

Max supports Global Goal #4: Quality Education. He thinks that everyone deserves to go to a good school and have opportunities to learn!





BessieBirthday: March 26, 2010

Bessie and Jessie are Twins. They enjoy baking treats in the kitchen and sometimes even experiment to come up with new recipes!  Each of the twins take on their own adventures now every year.

Bessie supports Global Goal #16: Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions. She believes we all should live in a world where there is peace and safety for all.






Birthday: March 26, 2010

Apart from spending time baking with her twin sister Bessie, Jessie enjoys time outdoors. She loves the beach and playing in the sand! Although she misses her sister when she is away, she has loved traveling to visit schools around the world!

Jessies upports Global Goal #3: Good Health and Well-BeingShe believes everyone deserves to get what they need to live a happy and healthy life!






Birthday: January 22, 2009

Tessie is Teddy’s next door neighbor. They’ve lived next to each other since they were born. Tessie loves nature and enjoys walks to explore the wonderful trees, plants, and flowers that surround her home. She can’t wait to discover new fauna and flora in different parts of the world!

Tessie supports Global Goal #15: Life on Land. She believes we need to take care of the land that living creatures live on.




New Bear 4

Birthday: May 7, 2009

Since all the kids in town are jet-setting around the globe, Jerry thought he should join in the fun! Jerry is an artistic bear with a unique sense of fashion. He likes to draw, paint and create. If he visits your school, perhaps you could design him a fabulous new outfit!

Jerry supports Global Goal #12: Responsible Consumption and ProductionJerry believes that we need to protect our earth and resources by reducing waste.




New Bear 2Birthday: August 26, 2010

Don’t be fooled by Daisy’s pretty dress, she isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty! Daisy enjoys designing and building with different materials to help solve problems. She is quite the little engineer! Maisy likes to read, read, read! So if you meet her make sure you share lots of great stories together!

Daisy supports Global Goal #2: Zero Hunger. She believes that if we work together and help each other, there can be enough food for everyone.




New Bear 3

Birthday: October 3, 2010

Millie loves technology! From iPads to robots, Millie wants to learn about it all. She’s even begun to learn a little bit about coding! Together, Daisy and Millie make a great team. If your school has a makerspace, be sure to bring these two girls to visit, they love all things STEAM.

Millie supports Global Goal #15: Life on LandShe believes that we need to protect the land we all live on for all living beings.




New Bear 1

Birthday: November 4, 2009

Buddy and Daisy are second cousins. He really loves music, most especially hip-hop and rap. Buddy is known for his break dancing moves! If he visits your school, write Buddy a rap, he would be so happy!

Buddy supports Global Goal #6: Clean Water and Sanitation. We all need water to survive, so it is important to help make sure we all have access to clean water.




Birthday: September 8, 2016

Stevie has traveled all over the world meeting new friends and playing wheelchair basketball, his favorite sport! In fact, Stevie Beario is named after a famous Paralympic wheelchair basketball player, Steve Serio! Steve Serio was a member of the Paralympic basketball team that won a gold medal in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro! Steve Serio also made history in 2017 by being the first wheelchair basketball athlete to win an ESPY!!! Steve Beario can’t wait to meet new friends around the world and share his love of sports!

Steve supports Global Goal #10: Reduce InequalitiesHe believes that everyone should have equal opportunities no matter who you are or what you do!




Birthday: September 19, 2016

Hero loves to travel and meet new friends.  He was born in England, and now lives in the USA.  Wherever he goes, he loves to talk about having a healthy mind and body.  Hero eats good foods and likes to exercise by playing basketball & dancing.  He wants to learn what you do to stay healthy and strong too!

Hero supports Global Goal #3 Good Health and Well Being.  He believes all bears and people can live long, happy lives by learning how to take care of themselves.




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