Setting up Easy Blog Jr.


The app is very straight forward to use. You can find some useful information on our support page.

To set the app up to use with Traveling Teddy please do the following steps.  (See attached pic.)


1. Hold down the settings button until the Profile Screen opens then tap “+”

2. In the “Blog URL” space, please type

3. Put in the Username and Password that has been sent you.

4. In the “Student Name” field, type something like “Ms. X’s Class”.

5. You don’t need to add a photo if you don’t want.

6. Tap “Add Profile”

7. Tap the arrow in the top left corner to go back to the home screen, and you are ready to go.


Best regards,

Phillip Cowell

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  1. Mission accomplished. Very clear instructions- Thank you!

  2. Yikes… the instructions were clear but the instructee struggled… and then success! Thanks so much!

  3. Checking if this works.

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