Skype Guidelines

Classroom Connections
via Video Conferencing with Young Learners

GlobeTechnology has given students and teachers amazing opportunities to make global connections to learn and share with each other. Video conferencing allows students to meet each other in real time – a powerful experience for all. However, managing a live video conference call with our younger students can be challenging and chaotic without careful preparation and structure. These guidelines were put together with  teachers and students in Early Childhood and Primary classrooms in mind for planning and conducting meaningful & productive video conference calls but are applicable to all levels.



notepad  Plan with corresponding teacher

  • Create an agenda
    • consider timeframe based on age of kids (i.e. 15 minutes for 3-5 year olds)
    • what topics to talk about
    • potential things to share (song, story, artwork, culture, etc)
  • Choose a day and time
    • time zone differences (if time zone difference is too big consider alternative below)
    • time of day
  • Check on school’s photo/video permission restrictions
  • Have a backup plan for contact in case of technical issues (i.e. email, iMessage, Skype chat)
  • Test out tech and connection before event!

blocks  Prep students

  • expectations during Skype (listening, taking turns, sitting properly, speaking loudly and clearly, answer with elaboration – not just yes or no)
  • have students come up with questions (asking open-ended questions, consider creating visuals for questions)
  • do practice Skype before first Skype (get them familiar with experience, practice with another person or classroom at your school)

computer-network During:

  • Plan to start connecting via Skype at least 10 minutes before scheduled Skype time
  • Document the conversation
  • Follow your agenda but be ready to be flexible
  • Each side takes turn to ask questions and/or share something, such as books, songs or what the children decide
  • Have fun!

directional sign After:

  • Debrief and reflect with students
  • Download the conversation for reference (optional)
  • Post a short clip or photos from the Skype event on a blog and ask other participants to comment on the video
  • Follow up with corresponding teacher to debrief and discuss potential plan for future collaboration/conversation

light bulb Resources:

How to Get Started with Skype in the Classroom

Alternatives to Skype

Google Hangout (requires Google Account and plug-in)


iOS Devices

On Mac

Up to 8 participants

No log in or downloads

Alternatives to live connection (to post videos and interact)

Skype Video messaging



Moxtra (digital collaboration tool)

***************************these guidelines are created by #sisrocks**************************

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