Embedding Photos and Slideshows

To embed photos and slideshows, you need to first upload your photos to an online site that can create an embed code for you such as:

Flickr: You will need to create a Yahoo email address to sign up for Flickr but it is probably the most open and simple photo sharing tool of the choices on this page. Once you sign in, upload some photos and you will see these choices in the sidebar. You need to make sure that your photos are “public” and are copyrighted under “All Rights Reserved” (this means no one can legally take your photos and use them elsewhere without your permission).

Screenshot 2016-09-04 07.46.39

Once you have done that, select “Add to Albums” within the same sidebar. Create a new album and upload your photos.

Screenshot 2016-09-04 07.46.39 copy

On your Albums page, find the album you would like to share and when you hover over it, you should see options, one of which is the “share” icon:

Screenshot 2016-09-04 07.54.12

Finally, select “embed” and copy the code into the “TEXT” tab of your post.

Screenshot 2016-09-04 07.55.22

Photo Peach: Sign up for a free account and upload photos to slideshows. you can add music and subtitles. Also choose from two different slideshow formats “Story” or “Sprial”. The same as any embed code, paste the code into the “TEXT” tab in your post.


Photosnack: Again sign up for a free account. More slideshow formats. Once you finish uploading your photos & editing the captions:

  • Choose “embed”


  • Choose “Use Free (with watermark)”


  • Copy the code and paste it into the “TEXT” tab of your post on the Traveling Teddy Bears Blog


If you know of other sites please feel free to use them!


What is the “TEXT” Tab?

When you are signed into the dashboard of the Traveling Teddy Bears Blog, first add a new post. (Your logins are coming)



Then when in the post you will see the “TEXT” tab where you should paste all embed codes




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