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Pana: The Idea Person & Creator


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Using a teddy bear in the classroom is something that Early Childhood teachers have done for generations. I have often included a class bear to give children a purpose to apply learning by teaching the teddy bear or being a good example for the bear.

Over the past few years, my eyes have been opened to how technology connects the classroom to the world and expands learning to a global scale. Regardless of how much technology has broadened the scope of what we do, real hands-on experiences still remain a very important part of Early Childhood Education. So, I thought to myself, what if I could combine both? Thus, the birth of the Traveling Teddy Bear project! Kids will get the real experience of having Teddy in the classroom with them, and use technology to interact with children in other parts of the world through the shared experience the Traveling Teddy project. I am very excited to watch our bears journeys this year and hope you will follow along on the blog or at #GlobalEdTed on Twitter.

More about Pana:

Pana has taught in Early Childhood for seven years and is now the KA-2 IT Integration Specialist at Taipei American School in Taipei, Taiwan. She is also an Apple Distinguished Educator (Class of 2015).

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Twitter: @PanaAsavavatana

Joe: Kickass Mentor & Co-Creator


When Pana and I started talking about Traveling Teddy, my mind began filling with all sorts of ideas as to how Teddy might travel and how Technology could be used. Teddy bears and other toys are used often in the Early Childhood classroom to enhance learning.  Something I believe strongly in, is that if you are going to use Technology in some way, then it also needs to enhance learning. So, I love that Teddy is Tech Savvy and that, that he has a blog, and some other tricks. And now, Ted is not alone! He as many other friends and family who have joined in the fun! I hope your class really enjoys having the Teds and communicating with other classes around the world. Feel free to get back to us with any feedback or suggestions you may have.

 More about Joe:

Joe currently teaches at the Canadian International School in Singapore and is an Apple Distinguished Educator (Class of 2015)

Twitter: @pep073

Mr Joe’s previous Class Blog

Our Coordinators:

Braedon Sharp

Braedon Sharp
Hello my name is Braedon Sharp and I am a Canadian living in Singapore working at Chatsworth International School. This is going to be my third year with the Traveling Teddy Bear project. It has been a joy and privilege to be a part of this and I love seeing the excitement in the students eyes when they get to interact with the bears. It is also amazing to witness a Skype date when the students get to see the bears around the world. I cannot wait to get things going and see what adventures the bears get up to this year.

Twitter: @BraedonSharp



Ann Lopez


Mabuhay! I am originally from the “pearl of the Orient Seas,” the Philippines. I am an early childhood educator working at Shekou International School, China.  Technology is one of my passions.  I have been exploring ways how to use technology as a tool for instruction and students’ learning to teach diversity.  I am glad, I am on Twitter, and found the Traveling Teddy Bears! 🙂 Having one of the Bears in the classroom added joy to my students’ learning, and as well as fostered global citizenship, and collaboration skills.  I am thrilled, and looking forward to what’s going to happen when a teddy comes to town.

Twitter: @annlopez1981

Skype: mary.ann.lopez.toyoh      

 Naketa Ikihele

Naketa_IkiheleKia ora, Kia orana, Fakalofa lahi atu and Assaalum Alaikum. My name is Naketa Ikihele, I am originally from the ‘land of the long white cloud’ otherwise known as Aotearoa/New Zealand. I currently live and work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at a school community nestled on the Red Sea – The KAUST School. I have been involved in the Traveling Teddy Project from the beginning and am delighted to take on one of the coordinator roles. I am looking forward to making may more connections via Twitter/Blogs/Skype and Email.

Twitter: @naketanz

Skype: naketanz


Lindsay Vargas

lvarg1Hi! My name is Lindsay Vargas and I am a Costa Rican teacher currently working at Shekou International School (#SISrocks) in China.  When our Early Childhood team heard about the Traveling Teddy Bears and we quickly got excited about this collaboration opportunity with the rest of the world.  My class had the privilege of sharing Bessie close to the end of her trip, however, we followed all her adventures before she arrived and she became part of our daily life in the class. She also became a great resource for teaching.  My children planned and designed a house for Bessie, wrote stories about her, made graphs about the countries where she had been, among many other activities.  I am very excited to participate again in this project and happy to help as a coordinator for one of the bears this year.  Looking forward to a trip full of adventures!!!

Sybil Hall




Hi, my name is Sybil Hall! I am thrilled to be a coordinator for the traveling teddy bear project this year! I am the Early Childhood Instructional Coach at Shanghai American School. My team looks forward to having another bear visit this year. Learning with furry friends is not only more fun within our walls of the classroom but opened our eyes beyond our school walls too. As our school is an international community students loved interacting with other students around the globe as we followed the bears adventures in many of their home countries.

Twitter: @edtechsybil

Janice Dwyer

Janice Ted pic

Greetings! I am a Learning Innovation Coach at Chinese International School in Hong Kong. I am excited to be participating in the Traveling Teddy Project again this year. Here at CIS, my team loved seeing our students’ enthusiasm grow upon the arrival of our teddy. (One student was so excited she was trembling with joy!) Having a visiting teddy was both inspiring and fun for all. We look forward to connecting with others and broadening our horizons while learning alongside our furry friends.

Twitter: @jandwy


Laura Richardson


Hi!  My name is Laura Richardson, and I am a first grade teacher in Brookline, Massachusetts USA.  Like so many other primary teachers, I have loved having a traveling teddy as part of my curriculum. Following the bear’s adventures online has definitely helped my first graders develop a more global perspective.  I am excited to serve as a coordinator this year, and, hopefully, have my students make even more connections with classrooms around the world!

Twitter: @1rfirstgrade

Skype: firstgrade1r



Lyaca Riddle



Hi my name is Lyaca Riddle.  I am a Kindergarten Teacher in Markham, Ontario, Canada.  After witnessing first hand the excitement and learning that Traveling Teddy ignited in my classroom I wanted to get more involved.  We are looking forward to learning about the places our Teddy explores as she travels the world.

Twitter: @ReesorPS

Skype: Ridlya



Easyblog Jr

Profile-Photo is delighted to support the Traveling Teddies into their third year by providing copies of our Easyblog Jr app for host classes. Developed by 3 teachers at the Western Academy of Beijing, our apps have become much loved by both teachers and students, and paired with our new blogging platform,, we hope to give even our youngest learners every chance to connect in a safe environment.




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