Teaching teddy bears in classrooms around the world!

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Meet Teddy and his dorkier cousin, Freddy! Freddy came to visit Teddy over the summer holidays and he heard all about Teddy’s adventures. So, this year both Teddy and Freddy want to see what children are learning in classes around the world. They are both packed and ready for a global adventure. In each class they visit, they will get to see what they are learning about and the children will blog about things they do with Teddy and Freddy here on the Traveling Teddy Bears blog. Classes will get to learn about countries Teddy and Freddy have visited by reading the blog and potentially Skyping with classes that have already had them visit. They will also have to try to learn something about where they are sending their bear next so they can help pack appropriately! Follow both Teddy and Freddy on Twitter using #globaledted and #globaledfred!

In the 2013-14 school year Teddy visited Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, the USA, India, Singapore, Australia and Indonesia! Take a look at his itinerary.

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UPDATE: We strive to make this project as international an experience as possible for all involved. Unfortunately for this reason we have to close signups for schools/classes in the U.S. as we already have quite a number signed up. We hope that you will consider joining us next year!

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