Teaching teddy bears in classrooms around the world!

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Meet our Traveling Teddies! Teddy went on a global adventure in the S.Y. 2013-14.  His dorkier cousin, Freddy came to visit over the summer holidays and he heard all about Teddy’s adventures. So, this year both Teddy and Freddy want to see what children are learning in classes around the world. Now, Freddy has some little sisters who happen to also be twins, Jessie and Bessie. They weren’t about to let the boys have all the fun so they’re joining in too! All the bears are packed and ready for a global adventure.

Each bear will travel through a different itinerary to different classes around the world. Each class that they visit will be responsible for:

  • Teaching the bear they receive all about the things they are learning in school
  • Blogging about their bear’s visit to the Traveling Teddy Bears blog here on this site
  • Creating a QR code to put in their bear’s pouch for the next class
  • Potentially Skyping or Tweeting with other classes who have hosted or will host the bears
  • Stamping their bear’s passport

Follow Teddy, Freddy, Jessie and Bessie on Twitter using #globaledted and don’t forget to follow their journeys here on the Traveling Teddy Bears blog!

Please visit our Teacher Information page to find out the details of what the project entails.

Sign ups for the 2014-15 school year have closed. Do check back at the beginning of next school year when we reopen signups :)

Itineraries for 2014-15

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