Another Busy Day at ISU

Hi Teachers and Children,

I am learning how to do the hundred chart. That was my morning task with one of the children. He helped me figure out the answers. Also, I listened to them discuss mathematical vocabulary such as addition, subtraction; numbers that are greater than and less than or equal numbers. From numbers, we continued on to reading comprehension. The children read a short story, then they talked about the narrator, the main character, the supporting characters, and the setting. They also had to visualise, then draw how the main character reacted when he lost his teddy bear. That was a fun brain exercise.

One of the girls carried me to their Mongolian language class, so I am learning a new language. It is not easy but now I can say, “Sain baina uu?”¬† This means…this means…hmm…I forgot. I will tell you later.

Here are some pictures of me with the children. You can also see my house and the IB learner Profile Bears.

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  1. We were delighted to see Buddy wearing his Phoenix sweater with our logo on it. He looks as if he had an exciting visit to you in Mongolia. When we visited Mongolia with our bear last year, we loved learning about your food and some of your customs.
    The Phoenix kids
    Salem, MA USA

    • Hello Phoenix Kids,

      Thanks for the comment. You’re part of our learning through Buddy who is wearing your Phoenix sweater. The children love fussing over him. He loves joining our activities. We will be celebrating International Week soon and Buddy plans to wear a Mongolian deel (traditional costume). More updates later.

      Have a good day, Phoenix Kids.

      From Grade 1D ISU
      Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

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