Busy Buddy in UB

Hello there my friends,

I have never stopped working and having fun since my arrival here in ISU, Mongolia. Last week, I joined the first graders during their Primary Prime Time (assembly) performance of the bucket fillers. Here is a link to the bucket fillers website.


I am also so excited because I now have my very own deel, the Mongolian traditional costume; I like that teddy bear pattern. Also, the children bought a new pair of padded boots for me, so my paws stay warm now that the outside temperatures are dropping down to below zero degree Celsius. It is -8°C at the moment, but for Mongolians, that is not really cold. In winter, the temperature can go down to -55°C or lower. Here in Ulaanbaatar (or UB for short), winter temperatures can plunge down to -45°C or lower. Add wind chill to that and you can be looking at -50°C or so. The good thing here is that winter is bright, lots of sunny days, unlike winter in other countries.

The first graders just finished their Interactions unit of inquiry. They learnt how to turn bad interactions into good ones, by walking away from fights, by finding other children to play with, by being respectful and courteous at all times, by being caring and reflective of one’s actions. For their second unit of inquiry, the children are learning about Communities. They will inquire into the features of a community, the roles and responsibilities of community members, and decision-making and how it impacts the community. They will also look at jobs and community helpers.

For numeracy, the children were working on their 100 chart and they made their own number puzzles. That was a bit complicated, making one’s own puzzles. When they were done making the puzzles, the children picked partners who would then fill out the missing numbers on their puzzles. For literacy, I joined a Rhyme Time bingo. I won!

This week, ISU ( www.isumongolia.edu.mn ) is celebrating International Week with plenty of activities on international-mindedness. On Tuesday, we will dedicate the day to our host country, Mongolia. We will wear Mongolian deels. On Thursday, ISU will hold the International Food Night, something that is really most awaited, and on Friday, there will be a Parade of Nations and Home Country celebration. After that, we will be on Autumn break.

As usual, here are some photographs that I am sharing with you, so you can see what I have been learning.

Mrs Raeburn, Head of Primary at ISU, introducing me to the whole Primary department

At the playground

The bucket fillers

More of the bucket fillers

Doing the Rhyme Time bingo

My friends during our bingo game

Posing with my friends

Look who are with me!

My friends and I are attending the House competitions

Sharing a book

On the mat – taking a nap

Vowel time!

I am now awake and listening to the discussion about Communities

I knew the answer to this question

We’re reading Frog and Toad stories. The other day we read Worm Loves Worm.

Sharing a mathematics picture book

We’re making our own hundred chart puzzle

More Rhyme Time bingo!

Making the hundred chart number puzzle more complicated

Sorting out the alphabet

What’s next?

That seems challenging!

Practising subitising – something very exciting. My brain and eyes need to coordinate.

My friend reacts as she hears the word. She’s got a matching sound on her bingo card.

Writing the missing numbers

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