Max Safely Arrives in Salem, Massachusetts

Finally —– a very special box arrived at The Phoenix School.  What could be inside? How excited we were to meet Max, our third traveling teddy bear.  Here we are altogether.

Max meets all his new friends at The Phoenix School.

Unfortunately the day Max arrived was the day we went on December break.  What do you suppose he did while we were away?  We think he probably had a great time exploring our classroom, but was probably a little lonely and very glad when we came back to school.  We were sure glad to see him. THEN we had freezing cold weather and a big blizzard so again No School.  Now things are getting back to normal and Max is beginning to join in on our activities.  Here he is at Yoga.

Can you find Max doing his part of the flower pose?

Watch Max copying Jasmine’s flower pose. He’s pretty good for his first try.

We’ll send you more pictures to show you how Max explores our classroom.

The Phoenix kids


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  1. We are so happy Max made it. Have fun with him and let him know that his friends in Hong Kong miss him.

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