Buddy’s Ontario Adventures

I have arrived in Ontario, Canada. The kids were so excited to see me! It was so nice to see so many smiling faces. As soon as I arrived I noticed right away how chilly it was and all of the snow on the ground! Blankets of white snow everywhere!

I was very fortunate to partake in many of the activities in the classroom. First off, there was the hour of code. Over an hour students learned to code different programs and games on www.hourofcode.org. They had a blast and I enjoyed watching them learn to become programmers.

One of my favourite experiences, while in Uxbridge, was witnessing the job fair that the students hosted. Each student presented a career that is important Ontario. I loved seeing the kids dress up and I learned so much about Ontario!

Here is Ava the construction worker and Fyfe the fisherman.

At Christmas time, while the kids were on their school break, I spent the holidays with Mme Teed and her family. The turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and other vegetables were delicious!

To celebrate the new year, Mme Teed’s family and I were in Huntsville, a small town located in the Muskoka region. The temperature was – 30 degrees and the snow was 5x my height!

A trip to Canada would not be complete without a visit to Tim Horton’s!

Once the holidays were over, it was back to school where the students took turns looking after me. I loved joining them while they were working to see what they were up to.

Well, it is time to say goodbye to all of my new friends from Uxbridge, Ontario. Thanks so much for sharing your learning and flexible classroom with me. It has been a great adventure. Off to Rochester, New York I go!

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